Introducing Shoshauna Ratchet:

I am Anouska and i live in Breda. I work as a tattoo artist, illustrator and designer.My alter ego is Shoshauna. A lot of show and a bit of shauna. She likes cute short skirts, lot of color and props. Female drag memeber of House of Ratchet since we started in 2013. I became a member of the house because i was (and still are) a good friend of Jeroen.House of Ratchet means so much for me. It means a family who does not judge me and loves me for who i am. For me drag means having the freedom to express myself. It has given me an environment to develop myself as a character beyond the normal standard of expression in society. It is an extension of myself. An artform in which i would love to develop more and more. Drag isn’t about gender, it is about expression.

A female drag is born!



VICE schreef een artikel over mij als vrouwelijke drag. Lees het volledige artikel hier:…/ik-sprak-een-vrouwelijke-dragqueen-o…

What do you think of the Dutch drag scene in general and how do you see the future of drag worldwide?


BNN: Spuiten en slikken:

Ik ben samen met Gwen van Poorten op pad geweest voor spuiten en slikken.

Zie hier de aflevering:

Hieronder zie je al een kleine fotoreportage van de avond:

Bij ‘drag queens’ denk je al gauw aan mannen die zich omtoveren tot vrouwen met prachtige make-up en lekkere outfitjes. Maar ook vrouwen kunnen zich omtoveren tot drags. Gwen ging op pad met female drag Anoushka, oftwel Shashauna…

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