Heather Ratchet mother and founder of the house of ratchet
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Introducing Heather Ratchet:

I’m Jeroen, I live together with my husband Michael in Amsterdam.
I work as a freelance designer, stylist, hair and makeup artist under my own label Studio Jeroen Bloemers.

My drag persona is Heather: she is the perfect dress up doll, heavily influenced by cartoons and toys from the 1980’s and 90’s. Every edition you will see another twisted side of her.

I got involved in the drag scene by using it as a test study.
I had so many ideas and inspirations that I wanted to try out and it is pretty hard to always get a model, makeup artist and photographer, so I tried it out on myself, just to see how things would work out off and on camera.
At the beginning of my drag career I performed with a group of friends with the name, Onbenullig mooi” Our main goals where mostly to shock, inspire or annoy the crowd, haha. Drag became my creative outlet to push myself with learning new techniques, by restyling wigs, designing and making an outfit and match the makeup to create a new edition of Heather every time. I’m the founding mother of the House of Ratchet.
At the end of June 2013 I had an epiffany. It happened at a party named Hoerenbal at Club Church, Amsterdam. It was the perfect moment because all recent members were present. We liked going out in drag as friends and from that moment on we made some great family memories together.

The House of Ratchet means a great deal to me, they became my chosen family.

What do you think of the Dutch drag scene in general and how do you see the future of drag worldwide?

I think that we as a very small country can be proud of how many dragqueens, clubkids and nightcreatures are entertaining our day and nightlife.
What I love about the drag scene of today is that it is evolving fast, thanks to social media like Youtube, Instagram and the growing populairity of the television series Rupauls dragrace.
It is because of these mediums that the dragscene is growing, if you compare it now and back when we gave birth to the House of Ratchet, wigs got better and cheaper, more varieity in makeup brands etc. The overall ingredients  of a Drag transformation are easier to find.