Skittles von Bitch - High class diva - House of ratchet
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Introducing Skittles von Bitch:


I’m MichaeI, live in Amsterdam for 21 years. During the week, I work for a Swedish company (not Ikea…) as the manager for one of the inside sales departments.

My drag name is Skittles von Bitch – Skittles is the observant, silent and shady kind of Queen 🙂

I started with drag while I was a volunteer at the COC Amsterdam in the late 90’s. I did drag a few times (together with Zsa-Zsa Gaybar) and liked it a lot, I could finally walk in high heels!

After the COC period I quit drag for several years; I didn’t go out anymore and had bf’s that didn’t like drag that much; when I met Jeroen (Heather Ratchet) and we became an item, I went out more and first time in drag again was during a Hoerenbal at Club Church – from that time on I did it more often again.


For me drag is liberating! It’s a process in which I can pour my creativity that I can’t use during my day-to-day job. Experiment with make-up, think about outfits, entertain people in clubs, during festivals and act as silly or chilly as I want to be.

House of ratchet is a great adventure to spend time with friends, try new things out but above all: having fun!

What do you think of the Dutch drag scene in general and how do you see the future of drag worldwide?

To be honest, my knowledge of the Dutch drag scene in general is pretty limited, most of the Dutch queens I know or follow on social media are from the Amsterdam/Haarlem/North-Holland area; there are a lot of them, each with their own qualities and looks and one fiercer than the other!

Too bad that even in Amsterdam you have to be careful to be out on the streets in make-up…..

Drag worldwide will be more and more mainstream, thanks to Rupaul of course and the spin-off (world)tours of the queens that participated – but I also see the trend that a lot of queens don’t have their own personality anymore: because of youtube and drag race a lot of them look the same and that is a bit boring. Where is the new generation Club Kids?!