Tiara Ratchet - Anouska gloudemans
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Introducing Tiara Ratchet:

I am Daniel van der Mast, I live in Amsterdam a little bit over a year now. Together with Miguel/belle who now is part of our house also. I work as a make up artist. Both freelance in store and freelance as my own boss.
Im Tiara Ratchet from the House of Ratchet
I started doing drag in club church together with some people from my House. I had been interested in make up for a few years then. And wanted to try it. I´ve always loved strong females and have a bit of a performing side in me. And lastly I found drag sometimes a bit boring.. and I had seen Jeroen (from my House) and with his friend Joss dressed up on facebook and at Parties.. They inspired me a lot.
Drag for me means a creative outlet. Fun time with friends. Playing with my feminine and male side, freedom. Breaking the rules and not taking everything too serious. Drag is a fun and can be all sorts of different things. Not only female.
We started the House of Ratchet already as a group of friends. Some also colleages. We all got into drag for a party and from there we were the house of ratchet. So I’ve been there since the beginning. It means a very close friendship, people who ive build such a trust for. I see them often not for drag at all. But then when we do its always a party, there is not jealousy or anything like that. And it has been amazing to see everybody grow in their drag, in their work and for most also now love.

What do you think of the dutch drag scene in general and how do you see the future of drag worldwide?

The dutch drag scene has been growing so much over the past years. So much more places showing drag, so many more queens and different types of queens. Wich I love, the basic glamour based drag doesn’t excite me as much as the weird queens. Or in general people who stand out and do their own thing.
The future of drag worldwide.. difficult to say. I mean in a lot of countries its illegal or not safe for you to do drag. I hope for a future with more acceptance and self expression. Where drag can be for anybody and for people to feel free to become anything they like.