Trashley Ratchet - Anouska gloudemans
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The house of Ratchet is family. They are my best friends. They are there if I need them. And we have so much fun together. We do drag and we love doing gigs but in the end I think the drag is secondary to the friendship. We help each other with hair, makeup and borrow each other’s clothes in that way we really are a family. We’ve been witnesses at each other’s weddings, we’ve grown up together and work together.

Introducing Trashley Ratchet

My name is Tony de Wilde, also known as Trashley Ratchet.
I live in Amsterdam with my husband Dennis, in my everyday life I am the Brand manager of the Fetish brand Mister B next to that I am a party promoter and part time drag queen.

My first time in drag was 5 or 6 years ago, I always thought that might be fun to do but never really came around to do it until my drag mother Heather Ratchet aka Jeroen Bloemers, asked me to join him during “carnaval” a Dutch party weekend where everybody dresses up and party’s for a week. I figured why not. So I bought my first pair of high heels and a cheap shake-and-go wig and I was ready to go.
Of course I had no clue about make up so Heather really helped me out with beating my face.

Drag for me is a form of expression, I like all the parts of it. The preparation before thinking of what kind of look I want to do, but also on the day itself spending a few hours doing my make-up and really witnessing the transformation as I am doing it. But also the performing and the energy you get from the crowd is amazing. Being in drag is so empowering when I am in character I instantly feel invincible. The funny thing is that ever since I started doing drag I can apply that same feeling in my regular life. I no longer care what other people think of me. After the first time I was hooked LOL… so I started going to drag evenings at Club Church together with Heather, and I think the second time I went there the theme was Redneck Riviera and everybody took someone with them to the party. So suddenly we were having a really fun night with a group of around 10 to 12 people in drag not everybody knew each other but somehow we were all connected. Right then and there the House of Ratchet was formed, we started going out together in drag on a regular basis. Soon people would recognize us and after a while started booking us for their events.

What do you think of the Dutch drag scene in general and how do you see the future of drag worldwide?

The Dutch drag scene is really divers, there has always been a drag scene.. we have a few trailblazers who have been really visible in the last two decades. Like Diva Mayday, Miss Tabitah, Lady Galore, DeeDee Jansen and the one and only Dusty. I remember watching them do drag before Rupaul’s dragrace when it was less excepted. Ever since Rupaul’s drag race the scene in the Netherlands but also worldwide has exploded. And I say the more the merrier, you have all kinds of queens now and I love that, like: (babyqueens, beardedqueens, beautyqueens, youtubequeens, clubkids, fishyqueens, comedyqueens, bioqueens and man more) I love that. I think the dutch drag scene does really respect one another, of course there is some drama here and there but everybody has the room to do their thing.