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WEbsite design from 275 euros

Especially for the smaller (starting) entrepreneur, the price for having a website built can be quite steep. Let's start by saying that a custom website is definitely worth the money, but it might be a little too ambitious for the plans you currently have.

What I can offer you is a basic site set up within the WIX format from 275 Euro. 

If you want an extensive webshop (more than 20 items) or, for example, a course page, I can set it up for you for an hourly rate (25 pu)

It is also important that you take out an appropriate subscription with Wix.

This can be a somewhat cheaper subscription for, for example, a portfolio site or a more extensive subscription when you offer a webshop or service. There are often special promotions that give you a 50% discount the first year. So ideal!  

You are ultimately the owner of your website, so you do not have to pay any subscription/monthly costs for management from my side. Do you still need me after setting up your website? Then of course you can always hire me again per hourly rate.  

The WIX format also has a very nice user interface that is also easy to use when you and technology do not go well together.

When we have set up the website, I will of course give you an extensive tour.

Do you want to know what I can do for you? 

Please do not hesitate to contact me!


recent projects

This site completely radiates Anne Moon. Heavenly photos, fresh colors and clear layout. Because her coaching and therapy practice must be able to provide a lot of information, but also have to be able to keep an overview, we have started to use fold-out panels a lot. The result is a compact site with a lot of content.


Stefanie needed a new website for her yoga school. She wanted a website that would match her appearance. Soft, warm and zen. Now her yogis can book classes online and these classes can be taken both online and on location. A cloud environment will follow in which you can find challenges, videos and much more in the field of yoga.


Jos Jacob is an artist. I made a portfolio page especially for him. We have opted for a full scroll page, a dark background and a lot of interaction. Something that suits Jos very well.


From Italy for you sells delicious organic soaps and creams imported from Italy. We have opted for a fresh, light and green design. Something that fits perfectly with the products. Currently still under construction but soon to be admired live.


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